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We are all Artists.

Join the 50th edition of the Festival with Cheoyong, aka the Artist in the mythology, by singing and dancing!


Cheoyong Culture Festival gets to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The Festival's 50-year-history embraces all the changes and development Ulsan went through. For the past 50 years, Ulsan has been successfully transformed from an industrial city to a creative city that values the balance amongst industry, culture and arts and we are now advancing to a global city. Running parallel with the City's growth, the representative festival has been growing in stature with Cheoyong World Music Festival(CH.WMF) since 2007 and Asia Pacific Music Meeting(APaMM) since 2012


Cheoyong Mythology is such a perfect model of the comprehensive art form bringing together literature, music, dance and the theater. In the mythology, we can find this human character, Cheoyong dancing and singing while sublimating his agony and resentment. While he was transforming his gesture of frustration and cry of sorrow into dance and song, he went through his tragedy not by common deed but by artistic deed. And this is how Cheoyong sees the arts and the world. We embrace the value of Cheoyong in the form of the festival.


Ulsan has entertained vital power of Cheoyong who has been living with us for more than 1,100 years. Come join the Festival where everyone sings and dances with the Artist, Cheoyong and feel him with all the senses.



Yangsup Byeon


Cheoyong Culture Festival

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